Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1000 Year Flood of 2010

Yesterday I heard that some of the officials at the US Army Corp of Engineers said that this was probably a 1000 Year Flood.  There are no records with flooding of this magnitude for Middle Tennessee.  I think they were going off of geology and other experts to come up with that 500 Year figure. 

We are so blessed that we were not gravely affected by this.  However, Tony did have a harrowing experience on Saturday and I foolishly had gone out and it really could have been bad since I did drive through water that I shouldn’t have done.

Our home and property is fine.  More importantly, our immediate families are fine.  We did hear last night that 2 on Tony’s cousins homes were flooded out and possibly an uncle and another cousin had damage.  Tony’s boss’s home had at least 5 feet of water in it.  They evacuated to other family. Yesterday afternoon we went to help him move furniture and other personal belongings.  It was really sad to see all of the people displaced and trying to clear their homes.  They were lining the roads with furniture, household goods, clothes, and de-construction debris.

There is much more to do so we will have to see where we can help within the next few days.  To those who have been given much, much is required.