Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost Ready for Lift-off

I'm getting excited and a little anxious at the same time. I join the part of my team at 9:30am tomorrow morning to head to the airport where we will meet up with the remainder of our group at 11:00am. After going through security, we plan to eat a meal together and then leave on our flight at 1:28pm.

We leave from Nashville and then go to Washington DC before heading to Zurich Switzerland and on to Douala Cameroon. We are going into the unknown in so many ways. One big unknown is how am "I" getting home. One leg of my flight has been deleted from my itinerary. Our leader is going to check on this today as I don't want to be left in Cameroon after my team comes back home. I guess the airline expects me to swim to Brussels to catch my flight back to the USA. I'm sure the Lord will work this out.

Prayers are needed all around. Many things are going on. I was warned at the beginning of this journey that the devil would use warfare to prevent God's mission to be carried out. He sure is throwing those darts. Here are a few of my concerns that I ask you to pray for as I am gone:

1. My mother who is going through radiation and chemo for brain cancer
2. My brother to have the strength to care for her as he is not well either
3. My nephew who was seriously injured in a horse backing riding accident and is in Vanderbilt having already had surgery on his hip and will have surgery on his shoulder this week
4. Our home insurance to quickly look at our home from the damage to last week's wind/hail storm
5. Peace of mind for my husband and my children that all will be well and I will return home safely to them
6. The Lord will watch over and keep my family safe and well while I am gone
7. For a multitude of needs for other loved ones and friends

I will write more while I am gone if I am able. Otherwise, I'll write when I get back home. May God bless and keep you all!