Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Semester is Complete!

Today is the last day of mid-terms for this school year. I'm not sure what is going on with society these days to where it seems that no one really cares about doing their best. We have become a world consumed with mediocrity. We no longer care to do anything but simply get by.

I miss the day when people really cared about what they were doing and wanted to do their best in whatever they attempted to do. I don't blame the kids as much as I do their parents. It is quite apparent that having the physiology to have a child is much different than the love and skills needed to actually be a parent to a child. Having a baby is the easy part, it's what comes next that is the most challenging and rewarding.

I do hope that one day my students will wake up and realize that they can accomplish so much more. They have capabilities beyond measure. They can either become something or relegate themselves to a life of drudgery. I wish for something so much better for them. For you see, I really do love my students. They are not just bodies that pass through my room that I have to tolerate before I can get to the next set of bodies. I want to help them achieve a fuller life. But if they do not want this for themselves, what else can I do?

My prayer is that God would help me to be the encourager, disciplinarian, and champion for my students. Some of them are trying to overcome insurmountable obstacles in their personal lives. Lord use me to help them!