Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pins and Needles

As we approach our departure one week from tomorrow, I am going through a little bit of anxiety. For you see, our team leaders are having difficulty getting their Visas to get into Cameroon. We are praying that this set back will be resolved quickly as time is running out.

On another note, I have started packing although I am a long way from being finished. It seems the more I pack, the longer my list gets of things I've forgotten. I pray that I am organized and ready to go when the time comes next week.

As far as those I am leaving behind, well that is also causing a little bit of anxiety. My husband is going to have to be all things to all children (2 of them) while I am gone. But mostly, I struggle with leaving my mother at this time. She starts her radiation and chemotherapy today for her brain tumor. This is going to be a 5-7 week process. I foresee 7 weeks as they started late and will need to probably "zap" a few extra cancer cells. I just pray that my brother is able to withstand the pressure of being her primary care giver. He is doing such a fantastic job. I have never seen a son take on that role like he has with our mother. I will be forever grateful to him.

I am also in the process of revamping my resume and posting it to the web. I am also going to try to update my LinkedIn account as much as possible today.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and continue to remember us all in your prayers! God Bless!