Friday, March 19, 2010

Excitement is Starting to Build

We leave for Europe May 28, 2010.  I have the following accomplished:

  1. Passports
  2. Airfare from Ft. Lauderdale to Frankfurt Germany
  3. Reservations for Motor home
  4. Passion Play Tickets
  5. Travel Insurance

What I still have left to accomplish:

  1. Airfare from Nashville to Ft. Lauderdale
  2. Reservations for car rental for 2 days in Frankfurt
  3. Reservations for hotel in Paris for 2 nights
  4. International Camping Carnet (card to go camping and get discounts at campgrounds)
  5. International Driver’s License
  6. Getting Tony’s computer set up to Skype and use email (he’s not going with us)

These are the major items.  I will need to accomplish quite a few little things. I have all kinds of lists made that I need to complete the follow-thru.

The Spaghetti Supper was successful.  This weekend we have a Yard Sale.  Then a second Yard Sale is the weekend of April 9-10.