Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yesterday was Successful…What about Today?

When Tony got home, I was able to get some housework done.  I were doing pretty well when he was called back into work.  Anyway, our house looks a lot better now.  I still some more to do…actually a lot more.  But I’ll keep on “truckin”.

Taylor has to complete her Chemistry take-home test.  She has most of it done, but has been procrastinating each day that school has been cancelled.  But today, she finished it!

There is a Girl Scout leaders’ meeting today that I need to attend.  I usually miss them because I’m working and they have them during the day.  Then Taylor has tumbling class late this afternoon and then we head to church.  My day will be “full” with doing stuff.  I need to get some work done that I’ve been procrastinating about.