Friday, December 25, 2009


Good morning and Merry Christmas.  We have had a time already.  Last night we went to my mother’s for Christmas Eve.  She always fixes a meal where we could have fed an extra 20 people.  The girls received wonderful gifts from both my mother and brother which they loved.

Last night, we went to bed a little early, then I got up about 12:30am to finish the wrapping.  I went back to bed around 3:00am.  I had my video camera all set up for the girls and when we woke them at 6:00am, they opened gifts like they were running a marathon.  After all the gifts were opened, Taylor looked pretty happy, but seemed a little disappointed.  Then Tony reached behind the tree and gave her a card that I had written.  It said, “Although you’ve been naughty more often than nice, We still think you’re worth whatever the price. So clean up your room and keep the house neat, then you’ll find your last gift under the loveseat.”  It took her a few seconds to figure it out, but then she found her gift which was a cell phone.  I think she was pretty happy then.

At 8:00am, the family came in to eat breakfast.  We had so much food that we could have fed another extra 20 people today.  We are all spending a little time playing with our “toys'” before we go for Christmas Dinner at my mother-in-laws.

Tony and I had a few quiet moments where we reflected on this being perhaps the best Christmas that we’ve shared.  Our girls are extremely happy (Treila got a punching bag), and the Lord has blessed our family.  May the Lord bless you real good today and always!